Small Earthquake

Three panel comic. In the first, comic-Lucy sits in an arm chair. She and the room are vibrating. Second panel. Lucy's partner sticks his head through the door, while holding their baby. He says 'Was that an earthquake?'. Third panel, comic-Lucy pulls out her phone and says 'I'll check'.
Two panels. The first, large panel is full of social media updates, all of which are about the earthquake. randomguy69 says 'was that an #earthquake' A Cage (sponsored) says 'Come down for $4 milkshakes in honour of the the earthquake #earthquake #supportsmallbusiness' furringtonthe4th says 'earTh sHake, me hAte' with a picture of a scared cat. abovethis666 says 'obligatory #earthquake tweet'. Someone has posted the 'we will rebuild' meme with the white lawn chair that has fallen over. MarthaandRob Smith has posted one of those facebook laughing face backgrounds with 'Did anyone else feel that earthquake? I will write to the ...' and it is covered by other statuses. Second panel, back to comic-Lucy. Her partner is still in the doorway, their baby is now grabbing at his face. Lucy is looking at her phone, she says 'Yup.'



We had a small earthquake on Sunday. A small earthquake is actually a big deal in Australia because overall we’re pretty geologically stable and we don’t get earthquakes often, let alone feel at risk of one actually breaking stuff. It was about a 3.8, I think. Probably not a big deal in most other parts of the world, but whenever this sort of things happens here, the internet GOES OFF.

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4 responses to “Small Earthquake”

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    A few years ago I was standing in my dining room and it struck me the dishes on the shelves were rattling and the floor was — acting odd. At first I thought it was a large tru going by (we live on a busy street) but I thought — earthquake. And sure enough I clicked on the radio to check and the news station was full of chatter. We don’t get too many earthquakes in Pennsylvania USA so I feel it’s a bucket list item I didn’t know I had, now checked off. So, your post was quite interesting to me and now you’ve got “earthquakes” checked off too!


  2. Rebecca Wallick Avatar

    That first panel is perfection!

    Having experienced a couple of medium rattlers, they’re worth getting excited about :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I’d felt one or two really, REALLY subtle ones before, and they were just disappointing. This one was great.


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