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  • Lucy Ruins Everything And Says Fuck A Lot

    Lucy Ruins Everything And Says Fuck A Lot

    You may have noticed that my website looks a little different. Well, I’ve been thinking for a while I should jazz it up, and I was sifting through WordPress themes to see what my options were and think about what I was going to do. I figured, with a chronic illness and a one-year-old in…

  • Dribble


    Never a dull moment.

  • Cat Feet

    Cat Feet

    Cats are impossible.

  • Glasses


    Lifechanging. (For real though, I love my glasses and if you have only slightly dodgy vision and are on the fence on whether you should bother with glasses the answer is, yes, you should bother with glasses. I sat on that fence for years and with corrected 20/20 hindsight, it was really, really silly of…

  • Nice Basket

    Nice Basket

    True story. Unrelated, I will not be accepting critiques of this comic at this time.

  • Baby Practice

    Baby Practice

    I mean, not right away, but when the crawling starts.

  • Small Earthquake

    Small Earthquake

    HUGE NEWS! We had a small earthquake on Sunday. A small earthquake is actually a big deal in Australia because overall we’re pretty geologically stable and we don’t get earthquakes that often, let alone feel at risk of one actually breaking stuff…

  • Thing, not done

    Thing, not done

    I’m not sure if this is ironic or just the logical next step of this situation, but I drew this sometime last year and have spent months looking at it and thinking, ‘why is this not posted yet?’. Got there eventually.

  • Birds


    Ah, nature. Do any animals visit your garden?

  • Parenting Tips No One Tells You (except me, of course) #1

    Parenting Tips No One Tells You (except me, of course) #1

    t took me an embarrassingly long time to work this out. I spent months in a ditch at the side of the park paths in over-sized coffee-stained jumpers staring enviously at all the put-together parents cruising around in sleek active-wear and looking like they’d actually showered and remembered about brushing their hair that morning .…