2 panels. Panel 1, a professional-looking man in a white coat hands comic-Lucy a pair of glasses and says 'Glasses will help you see!'. Panel 2: a view from comic-Lucy's perspective. She is looking at a friend through her glasses. The friend is saying 'So how much difference does having glasses make?'. Everything outside the rim of the glasses is lightly blurred. Everything inside the rim of the glasses is clear, but smudged with fingerprints and covered in speckles of water.



(For real though, I love my glasses and if you have only slightly dodgy vision and are on the fence on whether you should bother with glasses the answer is, yes, you should bother with glasses. I sat on that fence for years and with corrected 20/20 hindsight, it was really, really silly of me).

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7 responses to “Glasses”

  1. Claudia McGill Avatar

    I’ve had poor vision all my life and my glasses have been essential for my survival. I mean this literally. Your post made me think of when I got my first pair 55 years ago and how I literally gasped in excitement at the improvement, I had no idea the world had so much detail! So I heartily endorse your post and I’m glad your vision is better than ever!

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I remember being surprised that lights aren’t supposed to blur in starry streaks. I just thought that’s what light looked like to everyone. Not with glasses!

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      1. Claudia McGill Avatar

        Without going into details, my two eyes have two different conditions and they don’t always want to agree on how to see something. Which can be aggravating but I try to enjoy it and the unique view of life I am getting. Glasses just give you another view of things, I have decided. I remember before I had my cataract surgery (in which lenses were implanted and permanently improving my vision way beyond the gentle blur the world had been in my uncorrected vision up to then, I understood I was safer with better vision, but…I missed, and still do, the soothing calming feeling of taking off my glasses and the world retreated. Well, I could go on and on. Enjoy the discoveries of this new world you are seeing!

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      2. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

        I have this weird belief that having slightly dodgy vision made me a better artist. Because you don’t see exactly what everyone else is seeing. And everything takes a little more work to interpret, so your brain gets to know what details to add to a drawing to make it interprettable without being perfectly realistic (possibly related I’ve never enjoyed hyper realistic art?). I can function perfectly well without glasses. But my face muscles and brain are doing a lot more work to compensate (my vision isn’t bad enough for the world to just retreat. That actually sounds amazing though).

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      3. Claudia McGill Avatar

        I totally agree with you about the imperfect vision and being a better artist for the same reasons as you state – I think the same thing for me. I think for me it has added to my feeling of being a little bit separated from the rest of the world, a detachment that makes me more of an observer than a participator in many situations. I guess I am saying I feel I am special! because of it, and somehow that makes me feel that I need to express what I see and feel even more strongly.

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  2. Pistachios Avatar

    I also sat on that fence for a long time. Even when I did eventually go to an optometrist, he told me “you don’t really need glasses” (only very slightly dodgy vision). But I’m still glad I got my glasses!

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I personally think if they improve your vision, it’s worth having them, even if you don’t wear them that much. At least you *can*. My partner has ones with the tiniest correction, and all they really do is help with eye strain when he has to work at the computer for ages. He loves them.

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