Nice Basket

Text reads: All common household problems can be solved with a nice basket. Comics with six panels arranged in three rows. Row 1, panel 1: clutter on a bench, text: clutter. Row 1, panel 2, the clutter is now in a nice basket that is on the bench, text: nice basket. Row 2, Panel 1, a blur of a cat zooms across a room filled with scratched up furniture and nibbled plants, text: cat. Row 2, Panel 2, the cat is sitting in a nice basket, text: nice basket. Row 3, Panel 1, comic-lucy is standing in front of her house as a giant Cthulhu figure stomps towards it, text: Cthulhu. Row 3, Panel 2, comic-Lucy throws a nice basket at Cthulhu, bonking him in the head, text: nice basket.


True story. Unrelated, I will not be accepting critiques of this comic at this time.

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