The Bird

3 panels of a comic. Panel 1: A bird flies over comic Lucy and her toddler, doing a bird poo which narrowly misses Lucy. Panel 2: Lucy calls out 'Missed!'. Panel 3: the toddler toddles back into frame carrying something.
3 panel comic. Panel 1: Comic Lucy bends down to take whatever her toddler is bringing her and says 'What's this...?'. Panel 2: Comic Lucy looks at what she is holding, it is bird poo, while her toddler toddles off in delight. Panel 3: Comic Lucy is still holding the bird poo. The bird flies back over flipping the bird and wearing sunglasses


Betrayed by my own blood.

I’m updating my Patreon tiers! Now if you join at the Triceratops tier or higher you will get a sticker pack in the mail. They are very cool. It would be awesome if any patrons out there who haven’t already could pop on over to Patreon and update their shipping details so I can mail them out!

3 responses to “The Bird”

  1. bensbitterblog Avatar

    Yeah, my kid betrays me all the time. He blames stuff he did on me and gets me in trouble with my wife.

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      1. bensbitterblog Avatar

        Yeah, he’s pretty clever. Makes us feel sorry for him, then turns around and says he’s fine as soon as we do something for him.

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