Get Vaccinated

2 panels. Unvaccinated: a lone person looking out the window of a home. They are sad. Vaccinated: I sit in the window of a bustling cafe while drinking coffee. Everyone is happy.
2 panels. Unvaccinated: a person-shaped covid virus monster punches a person in the face. Drops of blood and a tooth are knocked out their mouth. Vaccinated: I am in a steamroller rolling over a person-shaped covid-virus monster thing while I laugh like a supervillain.
2 panels. Unvaccinated: person with virus-y body and virus-hair is sucked into a swirling covid-virus vortex. Vaccinated: I ride a triceratops through space. Rainbows stream out behind us. I am delighted.


I got my first covid vaccination shot! I still have about a month of waiting for shot number two and full immunity to kick in, but I am PSYCHED. I do not want covid with my medical history, and I REALLY do not want to catch it and pass it onto my 6 week old baby. I know access to vaccinations is very different around the world. It feels like it’s moving so slowly in Australia (where I live), but that’s probably just because we get so much news from the US and the UK. If you have access and are medically able to, please get vaccinated. For everyone’s sake.

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UPDATE: I adapted some of the other vaccinated illustrations for my store! You can get the steamroller or the triceratops on both stickers and shirts! I even did an extra couple of illustrations so there would be versions with different figures (i.e., not just cartoon-me). Click to see the steamroller version with long hair and short hair, or the triceratops versions with long hair and short hair.

10 responses to “Get Vaccinated”

  1. Pistachios Avatar

    This is a better “get vaccinated” campaign than what our government is using in their ads. Maybe you should make a submission to them.


  2. emmort Avatar

    😂 I love the last picture with the dino. It’s so cute!! I’m glad you were finally able to get a shot 💙 As for news from the UK… put it this way, I’m now fully vaxxed and I still don’t want to go outside. Deaths are nothing like what they were, but our case rate has shot straight back up…and I really don’t fancy being part of the human petri dish that creates a new variant 😅

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      It seems no one can get it totally right anywhere.


      1. emmort Avatar

        We’ve had over a thousand scientists tell England that what they’re doing is dangerous for the whole world 🙃 It’s fun.


  3. Edson Camara Avatar

    I love your posts, always take me to a great mood, keep it up, thank you very much

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  4. magickmermaid Avatar

    This post should be a Public Service Announcement everywhere!

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  5. No, Seriously, Get Vaccinated | Silence Killed The Dinosaurs Avatar

    […] I adapted some of the other vaccinated illustrations for my store! You can get the steamroller or the triceratops on both stickers […]


  6. Deepika Avatar

    It’s wonderful to know you had a baby. Hearty congratulations . I’m very happy for you. I didn’t log in for a long time, so missed a lot of your posts.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Thank you <3 Fair, I fall behind on checking things sometimes (…e.g, right now, since I've been too focused on the baby situation to read what everyone else has been up to)

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      1. Deepika Avatar

        Enjoy your parenthood 😊


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