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  • Life and Blanket Forts

    Life and Blanket Forts

    ********************************* So that’s me right now. How are you all doing? If you love my stories and comics, check out my store and my Patreon page. You can support my work and get unique rewards! And don’t forget you can follow me for updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

  • In Defence of Mini Marshmallows

    In Defence of Mini Marshmallows

    This being the internet, I recently got into an argument with a blogger about the best marshmallows to put in hot chocolate. In her corner, giant marshmallows; in mine, mini…

  • Functional Adulthood

    Functional Adulthood

    Some days are good days. I leap out of bed and I do all the tasks I am supposed to do. I am excited about budgeting, space-saving storage solutions and petrol discounts. I can feel the progress I make towards my sensible, well-thought-out life goals. It’s the closest I get to being one of those go-getters who start the day by running a marathon and knocking back a disturbing green smoothie before going to work and earning a million dollars an hour by saying synergy and looking dynamic in front of graphs. (But my graphs are better.) The next day I wake up with the same tasks and the same goals, but it is not the same…