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  • A Briefs History of Clothes

    A Briefs History of Clothes

    As soon as I was allowed any say in my wardrobe I wore pink. All pink. I loved pink. I loved pink so much that on ‘wear the colours of your favourite football team to school day’ (I thought it was a mouthful too), this happened…

  • Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares

    Bear Attacks and Other Nightmares

    Throughout my life I have been pretty good at scary things. I can watch horror suspense movies without wetting my pants. I don’t squeal at weeping angels. I think zombies are cool. But every now and again something scares the life out of me, and it’s always something pathetic…

  • Introductions


    Meeting new people is hard. It’s bad enough when you have to get to know someone because they’re a friend of a friend, they’re suddenly your co-worker, or you’re at a party and have no one else to talk to. Under those circumstances there tends to be enough context to allow a conversation to grow.…