How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)



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12 responses to “How to View Your Own Work (tips for creators)”

  1. Strictly Lighthearted Avatar

    Haha, that explained me pretty well actually … :)

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  2. betunada Avatar

    is the cat eating intestines or sum-tang lek dat? (mine would)

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I suppose it’s supposed to be bringing them over, but it’s a cat, so it’s definitely getting a nibble in.

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      1. betunada Avatar

        it’s our dawgs that ock!-U-pi the
        “will eat praktly N-E-thing” ¿link? in the good chang here ~


  3. londonwhiskyadventure Avatar

    Haha, that sums it up perfectly.

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  4. Procrastinator's Day Off Avatar

    I find it best to stand the far side of the room and face the other way. Lovely. Now I can draw good.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      …That’s what I’m doing wrong! You’ve just saved me a fortune in band-aids.


  5. Ninja Phil Avatar

    Hahaha, the cat. Just the cat (well I enjoyed all of it, but the blood-licking cat is the best) :D

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      I’m glad you approve.


  6. About the Fish | Silence Killed The Dinosaurs Avatar

    […] then I drew a comic about how I had been feeling (one that you’ve already seen). I drew myself weirdly badly being slapped in the face by a fish. I wrote […]


  7. Avatar


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