Amazing Ideas

Three panels. In the first it is night time. I am sitting up in bed. My husband, sleepy, says "it's 3am" and I say "I need to jot down something or I'll forget these amazing ideas!" The second panel is labled "later" and I am looked at my notebook, confused. I say "wut." The third panel shows what is written in the notebook: "Wine!!!! cats, farts and favouritism" also there are scribbles and the drawing of a dinosaur's bum with "rawr" coming out of it.


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17 thoughts on “Amazing Ideas

  1. I often have ideas which aren’t very sensible in the cold light of day too. Generally I still write them anyway though because I’m normally desperate. ;)

  2. Yes that definitely happens when I’m sleepy but I have also unearthed notebooks from college or high school and I was stone sober and wide awake and I cannot for the life of me understand some of my notes.

    1. The worst bit of my university semesters was when I started studying for my exams and went to look at me notes and realised I couldn’t make sense of anything I’d written (some great doodles though).

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