Halloween Helper

A mummy tries to help someone with lots of shopping bags, but they scream. The mummy picks up something someone dropped, but they scream. Kids scream and run away from the mummy. The mummy is sad. Someone calls out from the bathrooms "Help! There's no toilet paper!" and the mummy looks pleased because he can help now.


Here’s the thing. The mummy could be about to say, “No worries! Hang tight while I’ll pop to the store for you!”

He isn’t. That isn’t how this is going to play out at all.  Maybe if someone else made this comic, that’s how it would go. But they didn’t, I did. 

So here we are.

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18 responses to “Halloween Helper”

  1. Art&Roses Avatar

    Happy (almost) Halloween 🎃! Nice comic I can’t wait for your next one!

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Happy Halloween to you too! (It’s already Halloween in my time zone, so I can get away with saying that in full).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bryntin Avatar

    This is a great twist, there’s going to be a fan theory spin-off site isn’t there? ;)

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  3. magickmermaid Avatar

    Great Halloween trick! :D

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  4. Wolf of Words Avatar

    Happy Halloween! This is cute. Too bad the poor mummy can only gain acceptance through self-sacrifice.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      That’s the horror element of the comic.

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  5. LateNightGirl.org Avatar

    How brilliant!!! :D

    Why don’t you have a re-blog button? Would love to re-blog on my site…

    Also, this reminds me of a wonderful ad I’ve seen years ago:

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Thanks! Oh, I don’t? Hmmm. I think I must have switched it off when I first started (not really understanding what it was) and then never gone back to change it.

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      1. LateNightGirl.org Avatar

        Ok. Do you do comissioned work? It’s ok if not.


  6. Lisa Orchard Avatar

    Thanks for the chuckle! I’m stopping over from Jenny Lawson’s blog. I love your comics! <3

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      1. Lisa Orchard Avatar

        You’re welcome!

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  8. Bryntin Avatar

    Hi, #BryntinsBLT came by your blog today.
    (Unfortunately the BLT bit stands for Blog Leap Tour, not that I am about to bring you a tasty sandwich.)
    I’ll be leaving a link to this post on a #BryntinsBLT post on my blog later today and will now be leaping off to visit someone who has already liked your post before I got here.
    The idea is just to randomly jump around and see where I go in the world and I hope the (sparse but growing) readers of my blog, seeing me discover yours, might leap around the links too.
    (If you have pingbacks turned on you can see where else the tour ended up!)
    Anyway, sorry to interrupt. Carry on.

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    1. Lucy Grove-Jones Avatar

      Cool! I’ve seen these posts that you’ve been doing. Exciting to be part of one!

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