5 panel comic. Panel 1: I am slumped in a chair saying 'I haven't been doing enough.' Panel 2: 'what's the point of me?' Panel 3: I am still talking, my partner approaches holding our cat. Panel 4: he dumps the cat in my lap and says 'He needs somewhere warm to sit'. Panel 5: I sit with cat, no longer slumped.


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly fluff, but ideally it’s not a downer either. Despite my resolve to post fluff as often as possible through all this, I have been … struggling. My old friend depression has been circling. Which is not particularly surprising, given everything. So if you’ve been wondering why the comics dropped off even after I promised, or if you’ve been hanging around your own comment sections, wringing your hands, waiting for me to appear and leave inspiring words such as ‘nice! I liked this’ … sorry. I’m working on it. 

But don’t worry. I’ve got a major in psychology, antidepressants, and a decade’s worth of therapy under my belt*. I’ve passed through this before. I can do it again.

* and my cat, I guess. But despite this comic, I don’t think cats are in and of themselves the answer to depression. Sorry. They can help, sure, but for actual clinical depression probably get some medical advice.


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17 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Me too. Exactly the same except no major in psychology. Or therapy. And I have a dog not a cat. And I can’t draw. But otherwise, exactly the same. ;)
    Yep, best wishes for a short as possible bout and see you on the other side.

  2. I was just thinking of you. Glad to see you. My cat is curled next to me right now. Being a lap for a cat, well, it’s more important than you think. Just ask the cat!!!

  3. It’s all about grounding, eh? Cats, dogs, nature, music, whatever works.

    These are especially challenging times. Who care what works for each of us individually? It’s all good.

  4. I love your art style. I also like your humor, so far– haven’t read all of your graphics yet, but I’ll get to it. Keep plugging away! This one reminds me of how sometimes we’re in our own little world (especially with the whole COVID thing going on) and need God or another person to plop something down in our lap to do, to help refocus us on things other than ourselves. Ultimately, I want to be happy, but it’s such an elusive byproduct sometimes, you know? Thanks for the humorous reminder

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