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  • Productivity


    I have struggled with this a lot since becoming chronically ill, and even more so since the pandemic started. Sometimes I need the reminder.

  • I Wrote A Novel*

    I Wrote A Novel*

    And immediately I thought to myself, I should write a story about writing that story. It could be meta and funny and clever. I have so many amazing anecdotes about this process, e.g., the time I sat in a Casino for a bit to see what the fuss was about for Research Purposes, or the time I used a sword…

  • Foot



  • Living With A Bookworm #2

    Living With A Bookworm #2

    Everything Shakespeare wrote is a dick joke, a gloriously terrible pun, a sword fight, or a gloriously terrible pun that is also a dick joke taking place during a sword fight. If he had been big on adding stage directions, I’m certain ‘[pelvic thrust for emphasis]’ would be part of the Great Western Literary Tradition. 

  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    I know I promised fluff, but now is simply not the time. I’ve been watching the police brutality and the protests happening all over the US. This is just my statement as a white Australian, and it is intended for white Australians.

  • Living With A Bookworm #1

    Living With A Bookworm #1

    But seriously, what are you reading?

  • Purpose


    Okay, so this one isn’t exactly fluff, but ideally it’s not a downer either. Despite my resolve to post fluff as often as possible through all this, I have been … struggling. My old friend depression has been circling…

  • Beards


    He’s so proud of himself and his appearance now. It’s lovely.

  • Easter for Sadists

    Easter for Sadists

    Easter is here, and that means it’s time for my two favourite things—excessive chocolate consumption and crushing my loved ones under the sheer weight of my competitive pettiness. I probably need to explain that last one…

  • Nice Bed

    Nice Bed

    I promise I’ll do something not about cats soon.