Author: Lucy Grove-Jones

  • His Comic

    His Comic

    He was very determined, so I gave it to him.

  • The Feline Water Cycle

    The Feline Water Cycle

    I don’t think of my cat as my baby. That’s not to say I don’t love the floof-demon a stupid amount or take my responsibility of his wellbeing seriously, I just don’t think of our relationship as parent-child. I don’t mind if other people think of their pets as their children or fur-babies or whathaveyou, but as he’s an adult cat and I’m not trying to raise him to be a functional member of society with an independent existence, for me, it just feels jarring. I tend to say he’s my eccentric housemate, but even that’s not quite right. I think pet relationships are different…

  • Refill


    This is about creativity, which I firmly believe is green. However, it can be about other things too if you like.

  • Things To Do

    Things To Do

    Ten years ago I was diagnosed with depression (although I believe I had it much longer—from way back in my childhood). I started medication and went to therapy. It took a really long time and lots of two-steps-forward-one-step-backs, but a couple of years ago I reached a point where I didn’t need medication to be mentally and emotionally okay…

  • Holiday


    I drew this juuuust before we left, and the holiday is done now. The first half of the holiday ended up being too busy for work…

  • Relaxing


    Did I do it right

  • Am I An Adult?

    Am I An Adult?

    One year when I was still in highschool I asked for a green ipod for my birthday. The green was important. It was an unwell pistachio colour, sort of warm and cool at the same time. But teenagers aren’t renowned for their emotional restraint and despite the vomit-untertone I couldn’t have fallen more head-over-heads in love with this colour if it fronted a boyband. I stared at it in advertisements and in shop windows. I dreamed of it. I repeatedly prompted my mum to make sure she absolutely knew the green one was mine, the one I was meant to have. On my birthday, there was a heart-flutteringly ipod-shaped present for me…

  • Brewing Tea

    Brewing Tea

    A (frequent) tragedy in three acts.

  • More The Thing

    More The Thing

    One time after hardly sleeping for many, many days and nights (ah, the heady days of chronic insomnia plus university assignments and poor time management), I decided on a whim that The Thing (the 80s one) was absolutely, unbeatably amazing…

  • A Phrase I Imagine Wrong

    A Phrase I Imagine Wrong

    Suffer with me