Author: Lucy Grove-Jones

  • Easter for Sadists

    Easter for Sadists

    Easter is here, and that means it’s time for my two favourite things—excessive chocolate consumption and crushing my loved ones under the sheer weight of my competitive pettiness. I probably need to explain that last one…

  • Nice Bed

    Nice Bed

    I promise I’ll do something not about cats soon.

  • Games


    My partner plays a game with our cat…

  • More cats

    More cats

    This one’s sort of a follow up to my last comic.

  • Stage Five Clinger

    Stage Five Clinger

    … but he’s a big fan of all his humans social distancing and hanging out at home.

  • Forward


    Wow 2020 sucks hey. Generally for everyone in the entire world, it seems. My personal suckitude began in November 2019 when I had my fourth consecutive miscarriage, and then continued as I evacuated from bushfires threatening my home, watched the rest of my country burn on the news, visited the ED for a sudden and scary bleed, had an array of blood tests and scans and finally a (very minor) surgery, and has now peaked (fingers crossed this will be the peak, anyway) in a fucking pandemic. I’m not someone who’s ever been into inspiration as a thing…

  • A Phrase I Imagine Wrong #2

    A Phrase I Imagine Wrong #2

    Feathered hats are a pre-requisite for plundering. It’s just a fact.

  • Number 4

    Number 4

    I’ve had a fourth miscarriage. I drew journal comics to process the experience. I’ve decided I will post them here. I have written about miscarriage before, (first two here, comics drawn after the third one here and here) and I don’t think I can do it again. Not like that. To do that, you have […]

  • Murder


    Sometimes when I have a comic idea, it arrives with multiple variations. Sometimes I want to draw more than one of them. This was one of those times.

  • For Crimes Against the English Language

    For Crimes Against the English Language

    Everyone freeze.