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  • Easter for Sadists, Part 2

    Easter for Sadists, Part 2

    So yeah. When I originally came up with the Cunning Plan, I did not expect that for Phase 3, the most important phase, the climax, the culmination of years of mildly-sadistic daydreaming, the bit that involved a lot of heavy lifting, that I would be …

  • Pregnancy Brain

    Pregnancy Brain

    I wish this wasn’t a true story, but it did happen.

  • Productivity


    I have struggled with this a lot since becoming chronically ill, and even more so since the pandemic started. Sometimes I need the reminder.

  • Living With A Bookworm #2

    Living With A Bookworm #2

    Everything Shakespeare wrote is a dick joke, a gloriously terrible pun, a sword fight, or a gloriously terrible pun that is also a dick joke taking place during a sword fight. If he had been big on adding stage directions, I’m certain ‘[pelvic thrust for emphasis]’ would be part of the Great Western Literary Tradition. 

  • Living With A Bookworm #1

    Living With A Bookworm #1

    But seriously, what are you reading?

  • Purpose


    Okay, so this one isn’t exactly fluff, but ideally it’s not a downer either. Despite my resolve to post fluff as often as possible through all this, I have been … struggling. My old friend depression has been circling…

  • Beards


    He’s so proud of himself and his appearance now. It’s lovely.

  • Nice Bed

    Nice Bed

    I promise I’ll do something not about cats soon.

  • Games


    My partner plays a game with our cat…

  • More cats

    More cats

    This one’s sort of a follow up to my last comic.