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  • The Apocryphal Tale of the Octopus Liver

    The Apocryphal Tale of the Octopus Liver

    Before we begin, let me quickly introduce my dad. My dad wore a Greek fisherman’s hat everywhere. My dad cooked squid spinach. My dad was notorious for eating unusual things, particularly seafood. He told us which flowers in our garden were technically edible and snacked on them. He fossicked in rock pools and consumed their contents. We thought it was excellent. As kids, we showed our appreciation through gleeful declarations of how grossed out we were accompanied by general screaming. He retired the fisherman’s hat sometime during my teenaged years, but otherwise remains as is. This is the tale of the octopus liver…

  • Half a Glass

    Half a Glass

    Which are you?

  • Work-From-Home Colleagues

    Work-From-Home Colleagues

    The untold problems involved in working from home.

  • Halloween Helper

    Halloween Helper

    Here’s the thing. The mummy could be about to say, “No worries! Hang tight while I’ll pop to the store for you!”

  • Life and Blanket Forts

    Life and Blanket Forts

    So that’s me right now. How are you all doing?

  • Bear With Me

    Bear With Me

    Disclaimer: a Proper Writer is just someone who writes stuff. You don’t have to pass a comma test to get a license or anything.

  • Space


    I think this is for all the people in my life who have understood that things are Not Okay right now. These people have rolled with it when I’ve cancelled plans at the last minute…

  • Amazing Ideas

    Amazing Ideas

    It’s very important to write everything down.

  • Hello, My Name is Grief

    Hello, My Name is Grief

    So I had a third miscarriage. Each time is harder. They add together. The second miscarriage wasn’t only a miscarriage, it was the first miscarriage happening again as well as a new miscarriage. And now this miscarriage is the first miscarriage happening again, and the second miscarriage happening again, as well as a new miscarriage and also an impossible pile of fear about what happens next.

  • A Case of Shit Bees (Impostor Syndrome)

    A Case of Shit Bees (Impostor Syndrome)

    Do you ever peek at the last page in a book? Sometimes I do. This story ends with me winning first place in a youth art competition. I was eleven, quite young compared to some of the other people who had entered. The person who came second was older than me. I saw her face when our names were called, and I think she was disappointed. At least, that’s how I remember it…