Toilet Adventures

comic with nine panels. 1. Comic Lucy sits on the toilet. 2. The cat arrives and looks at her. 3. The cat is on her lap and comic Lucy looks unhappy. 4. A toddler runs happily toward them. 5. The toddler pulls the cat's tail, the cat is distressed, comic Lucy struggles to separate them from her position on the toilet with undies around her ankles. 6. The cat is on comic Lucy's head and the toddler implores comic Lucy to lift her up. 7. Comic Lucy sits on the toilet, happy toddler on her lap, annoyed cat on her head. 8. The cat slips, digging in his claws to comic Lucy's face so he can stay on her head, meanwhile the toddler is distracted by grabbing the toilet paper. 9. The cat is back on comic Lucy's head, which is covered in scratches, comic Lucy reaches desperately for the toddler, but the toddler is already carrying the toilet paper away and out of reach.

This is, I regret to inform you, based on not just one true story but many. Fortunately we seem to be reaching the other side of the tail-pulling phase, at least.

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