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  • People I Admire

    People I Admire
  • Call me Foureyes

    Call me Foureyes

    Comic-me (awkward mid-sentence tangent that shouldn’t be happening two hyphenated words into the story: I have decided to refer to my drawn-self as ‘comic-me’ rather than ‘cartoon-me’ because it can be misread as I am comic, i.e. amusing, and I’m okay with that) is getting a makeover…

  • A day in the life of a particularly photogenic duck.

    A day in the life of a particularly photogenic duck.

    (In case anyone was wondering after my last post.)

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    I have returned from my honeymoon in New Zealand! This means that I will be responding to comments and creating new content again. Before you ask, no, I didn’t bring you back anything. I’m sorry. I find buying souvenirs for people weirdly stressful. I keep overthinking it. The gift should be something nice to receive, not…

  • That glorious feeling …

    That glorious feeling …
  • Rebel without a cause

    Rebel without a cause


    Probably, anyway, because I made this in advance and scheduled it to appear at just the right time. But I’m sure I would have had a free minute with an internet connection to delete it if anything untoward occurred and messed everything up, so if you can see this, it’s safe to assume that I…